Harold Steele, Reedy Marsh, TAS
"To the Lucas team. I'm thanking you for your great service, I paid for the mill on the 18th February it was packed on the 19th it was in Tassie on the 24th I picked it up on the 26th of February, put it all together the same day, just to check it was all there and it was :-) two days later I was cutting logs, I have consumers already, it is a great product so easy to use."
Many thanks, Harry
Hamish Macgregor, Mt Perry, QLD
"It was good to talk to you and catch up.. you are a dying people, there are very few people like you.. that you can depend on .. with the respect that you have earned through the years.. I spent years sleeping in my hammock slung under my Lucas Mill with a tarp over the top ... your mill never let me down once.. it cut every day.. regardless of the type of timber... you are real good eggs.. (( and you Jenny are a double yolker))."
You be cool Best Regards Hamish
Philip Harlock (PBH Woodrow), Tamworth, NSW
"Picked up the Mill at Orange, made it home safe last night. I enjoyed the time with Peter and Andrew at Orange, and now look forward to my time with 'Lucas Ten'. Lucas Ten has already had a few visitors, volunteers to off-side, and two telephone calls enquiring of his ability to attend mates properties. I can come too, apparently. Even without intro he seems popular?

Most everything gets a name on Balgranite Farm, more often selected by my beautiful wife Nancy. Not sure, yet think 'Lucas Ten' may trump 'Ben Ten' with my younger nephews. Accepting they both have 'green themes'. Question: Is 8 years old too young to off side the mill? Joking, joking of course.

I had to wait until I was ten to operate the 3 foot open blade, tractor PTO drop saw, so why give them a head start? Please forward my thanks to the Lucas Team for such an enjoyable experience in your helping to bring 'Lucas Ten' to my Balgranite Farm (and beyond). "
Kind regards
Phil h
Bob Renmark, Renmark, SA
"I want you to know how much I appreciate the service Lucas Mills offers and sustains. I deal with many businesses and they all seem to promise the world and deliver garden manure if you get my drift.
Your company has delivered  excellent products, rapid delivery and your after market service is almost unbelievable. I had a problem with a part, you sent me two new ones for free. I order stuff, it arrives in two days. When I have spoken to Dudley at wood shows he goes out of his way to offer help and assistance and then even offers to go further out of his way to come and have a look at my mill.
I would like you to know how much all of this is appreciated and how much you could teach the business world about running a business.
Dr Bob  Renmark
David & Narelle Ware, Comanhurst, NSW
"We have had a Lucas Mill for approximately 10 years. In March this year we decided to update to a new model 8-30 with 8-meter rails. The Lucas Mill’s versatility, ease of operation, factory back-up and service is excellent."
Lindsay Birch, Sorell, TAS
"The Lucas Mill company offers prestigious service, quality equipment and is a great company to deal with. Overall, from the 12 years of purchasing Lucas Mills and products, I can fully recommend them to deal with and I am proud to represent the company at Tasmanian Field Days and Shows as I know their products are a guaranteed success!"
Tony Van Den Berg, Kallista, VIC
"I considered importing a portable mill from either the United States or New Zealand. Fortunately I went to a field day in our area and saw the Lucas Mill working and it met all my requirements. It gave me the versatility to slab or mill timber; the flexibility to be mobile, or set up at home.

I have now had my Lucas Mill for over 2 years and am a very happy and satisfied customer. Plus, the after sales service and training has been A1.

Thanks Lucas Mill for producing such a good product, and giving such good service."
Allan Seagrave, Morayfield, QLD
Geese you guys are red hot with sending stuff, I contacted Dudley via txt MSG (admittedly, rather unorthodox) as my phone service was very patchy where I was milling and the parts had arrived in the mail the next day, that is just fantastic, its why I rave so much about service from you guys, it is above and beyond anything I've experienced, if only more business's operated that way I'm sure our 'little' country would be doing a lot better - well done to all of you!

Cheers Allan