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Thursday, 5 November 2009

FACEBOOK - Keep up to date with our events and news at Lucas Mill Pty Ltd

Lucas Mill has launched a new profile on the popular social utility - Facebook. This will enable Lucas Mill owners to connect with other like mined opperators around the world.



Not only has facebook become increasingly popular due to its ability to reconnect friends and family across the world, but it is also a very useful tool for networking with other people who share a common interest.



If you have a Facebook account, we encourage you to join the Lucas Mill Operators Club and share your thoughts, experiences, tips and ideas with other fellow Lucas Mill Operators. Also, why not add 'Lucas Mill' as a friend - then you will be kept up to date with any new improvements, tips or events as they become available.



    If you would like to join Facebook, log onto


    Add 'Lucas Mill' to your Friends List TODAY!









Please Note: Lucas Mill does not condone the content of Facebook, or take any responsibilty for false claims, comments or advice that may be represented within this facility. Use this utility at your own discretion, as Lucas Mill will not be held accountable for any misadvice or damage caused as a result of the information contained within the Facebook utility.

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