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Our Australian Story

The Lucas family established Lucas Mill Pty Ltd in March 1994. Commencing operations in a small farm shed, the business was started with the objective of earning a sufficient income to sustain the Lucas families. With limited expectations, it came as a welcome surprise that orders for over 50 machines were placed in the first month of manufacturing – a quantity the Lucas’ had thought might be their annual output. In the months to come, demand did not decline, but grew and has continued to grow at a sustainable rate over the past twenty seven years. In 2004, over 1000 machines were produced and sold both within Australia and across the world. To date over 20,000 machines have been sold into over 100 countries around the world.

Today Lucas Mill employs over 30 full-time men and women and several casual/part-time staff – a sure indicator of the company’s successful development and expansion over the past years. See Our Team.

Lucas Mill has been officially recognised for their achievements through numerous awards including local awards for business excellence and manufacturing innovativeness, as well as a number of national awards including the Australian Latin American Business Awards, Telstra & Victorian Government Small Business Regional Awards, and many more.

The Lucas Mill has also been pitted against its rivals in the Great Portable Sawmill Shootout held in the USA every two years. In 2003, Lucas Mill achieved the highest board feet per hour output of all 12 competitors, including both circular blade and band saw mills. At this event, Lucas Mill was recorded cutting 922 BF/HR, with ZERO miss-cuts and ZERO time out.

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